Animation Director And CG Artist

Pooyan Shahrokhi

Animation Director.

My main specialty is directing animation. I have directed 4 animations. And now I am making an animated series

CG Artist.

I have been working in CG art for 12 years and have worked on more than 150 CG projects

Art Marketing.

Another of my specialties is the management of advertising and the sale of cinematographic artworks.


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Vist Studio

In 2017, I started Vist company and now Vist is one of the strong companies in Iran.


You can visit my other site to see my tutorials. Click on the icon.


You can see my portfolio in this section and get to know me more.


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My Works

You can see some of my portfolios

Architecture Render


3D Animation

My Awards.

My honors and awards

The best art student in 2014 and 2017 from the university for student competitions and festivals that I managed to receive an award.

best art student

2014 and 2017

The first place in the animation student competition for making a one-minute animation with the theme of art for art.

Animation Award


Teaching at the university at the age of 19 for filmmaking classes and animation workshops for 3 years.



Getting the CG Bag Gold Badge from the CG Society website for Dragon Effect in 2012 and the selected work of the week.

CG Bag


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